General information for foreign students (incomings)

If you would like to study one or two semesters at Beuth University as a foreign student, please find some general information about options and procedures provides by our International Office: 

Signing up for courses / Belegung von Kursen

Informations about how to sign up for courses you will find here:

Transcipt of Records

This is how you can obtain your Transcript of Record that certifies the grades that you have earned / will earn from your courses at Beuth University.

To be able to provide you a ToR as quicky as possible use a document called the AVS or Anrechnung von Studienleistungen (directions for filling out the AVS).

The AVS is for you to print out and fill out the following information:

  • the degree program (Studiengang)
  • the module number (Modul-Nr.)
  •  the title of the course (in German and/or in English as your unversity wishes)(Titel der Lehrveranstaltung)
  • the number of hours per week taught in the semester (SWS), usualy 2 or 4
  • the number of course credits (ECTS), usually 2.5 or 5 (different for the International Office courses sometimes)
  • the name of the course instructor (Dozent/in)
  • the grade earned (in case you did not get a grade, please, enter "t.o.P." (participation without examination))

Then take the AVS to your course instructors for them to sign the document (Unterschrift Dozent/in).


Note: the courses that have been offered through the International Office are certified directly by them, i.e. you will obtain physical copies of these certificates that you can supply to your university. Therefore, these courses do not need to be listed again in the ToR. The ToR is meant to certify all of your other courses.

Once you have collected all of your grades, then you should transfer the information above to the document Transcript of Records in digital form and send it to brockmann(at) .

When this has been completed, the next step would be to see me in B 253 during my office hour. You will need to take along the following items:

·        the AVS with the course grades and instructor signatures

·        in case you need a hard copy sent to your home university: the actual physical address and email address of the contact person at your home university who is responsible for processing your grades from our university

I will check the AVS and ToR for accuracy then sign the ToR, digitize the ToR, send this digitized version of the ToR to the contact person at your home university and CC you, and – if necessary – send the physical copy to this contact person.

In the case that you are not able to complete the AVS before leaving Berlin, complete the AVS as much as possible and correspondingly the filled-out digital version of the ToR, and then leave them with me before leaving Berlin.

At the same time, inform those instructors who have not yet managed to supply you with your course results that they should CC Prof. Brockmann (brockmann(at) when they inform you of your grade. I will then see from the AVS whether all of the course grades have been provided and then proceed to fill out the ToR and pass on the digital and/or physical copies to the relevant persons.