Competing Risks
Analysis of competing risk data under left truncation. An application for estimating rates of spontaneous abortions.

  • Abortions Script The vignette containins a documentation of the code used for preparing the numerical results of a study on spontaneous abortions in pregnant women exposed to coumarin-derivatives. 158 KB
  • Study The data is provided as a comma separated file that can be handled by any text editor. 31 KB

AbortionsScript.r The R commands containing all functions needed to generate the results.

More recently all calculations can be done using the R package etm. The author Arthur Allignol is to date member of our research group.

Microarray Daten bei klinischen Studien - Klassifikation und Validierung
in Kooperation mit Ulrich Mansmann (LMU München), Jörn Gröne (Charité Berlin), Ina Koch (TFH Berlin), Bernd Niebank und Thomas Hamborg (ehem. TFH Berlin).


Kolloquium statistische Methoden in der empirischen Forschung

Arzneimittelsicherheit in Schwangerschaft und Stillzeit

GlobalAncova Package in R
(U. Mansmann, R. Meister, M. Hummel, R. Scheufele, with contributions from S. Knueppe)