05/2003-03/2008TU Berlin: ongoing research and development on project Min-Cost Disjoint Paths in my dissertation. Substantial efficiency gain and extension of the application area.

11/2002-04/2003T-Systems Entwicklungszentrum Berlin: project HADRIAN, an online monitoring system for IP traffic. Maintenance and development on the final product software.

05/2000-10/2002T-Systems Nova Darmstadt:Optimal dimensioning and routing in multi-level networks with several traffic classes. Design and development of a prototype.

04/1999-04/2000T-Nova Darmstadt: Study on Optimal planning of virtual paths in ATM networks. Problem turned out to be too complex to be seriously pursued at that time.

12/1997-03/1999Deutsche Telekom Darmstadt: Further research and development of project Min-Cost Disjoint Paths from my diplom thesis.

07/1995-05/1997 TU Berlin:Min-Cost Disjoint Paths in telecommunication networks, funded by Deutsche Telekom. Design and development of two exact solvers.

10/1993-03/1994 DeTeMobil Bonn (today T-Mobil): Collaboration in the planning of the D1 mobile network. Implementation of a clique search algorithm for finding all frequency interferences. Design of an algorithm for identifying additional demand after network extension.

IBM Wissenschaftliches Zentrum Heidelberg: Design and implementation of a threshold accept heuristic for cutting-stock optimization in the textile industry. Development of two independent algorithms for computing the intersection area of two-dimensional polygons.

Forschungszentrum Jülich:Optimal parameter estimation for biotechnological systems. Development of several project classes. Implementation and testing of the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm for nonlinear regression.

IBM Wissenschaftliches Zentrum Heidelberg: Study on a threshold accept heuristic for symmetric traveling salesman problems. Development of an efficient algorithm for identifying relevant neighbors. Extension of the classical 2-opt step to a parameterized k-opt.

02-04/1991IBM Wissenschaftliches Zentrum Heidelberg: Supply optimization for gas station chains. Development of a solver software according to a flow model.

02-03/1990 GMD St. Augustin (today Fraunhofer SCAI): Energy minimization in Ising spin glasses with a matching model. Development of a predictor algorithm for later attachment of a corrector.