I teach the Human-Computer Interaction module in Bachelor (undergraduate) courses and Usability Engineering module in Master (graduate) courses.

In Bachelor courses, we focus on basics of software ergonomics and usability as well as on interactivity / dialogue aspects. Nielsen's web usability heuristics, Norman definitions of Affordance, Mapping and Mental Models all, amongst others, play an important role.

In Master courses, we look at current developments in the area of very different user interfaces,  their potentials and constraints. We analyse the upcoming immersive and augmenting technologies like VR/AR/MR - XR and therefore also the growth of Natural and the emerging 'Organic' User Interfaces. Additionally, we focus more deeply on mobile devices and their design frameworks, for example material design, due to their extensive use. 

Famous funny usability concept during the introduction of iPhone at the Mac World 2007 by Steve Jobs (Screenshot from the YouTube Video: 'Apple Keynote 2007 Complete - iPhone', Channel: Everything Apple)
Our own usability evaluation project of multimodal interactivity techniques in a VR media application. (Master Thesis from Mustafa Lafci & Jessica Jürgensmeier)