2023 Hoang Tuong Vy Nguyen Machine Learning for Synthetic Satellite Images Conditional Image Generation using a Vision- Language Model
  Jonas Kernebeck Robustfication methods for acoustic feature extraction for assisted and automated driving
  Jessica Adriana Sanchez Garcia Machine Learning towards sustainable consumption Sustainable Shopping and Semantic Search: A Comparative Study of Embedding Models and Methods
  Stefan Beuchert Human-Centered Explainable AI for Question Answering Systems
  Sami Alexej Nenno Claimspotting Automated Claim classification for fact-checking
  Alexander Flick Machine Learning approaches towards a Green Database
2022 Cem Kozcuer Machine Learning for Disaster Event Classification from Social Media Images
  Tim Bischoff Segmentspezifisches Kalibrierungsvorgehen für Gradient Boosted Trees im vertrieblichen Kontext
  Roman Kondratiev Detecting Political Bias in Social Networks With Machine Learning
  Fabian Henning Deep Learning for Fashion Retail Sales Forecasting
  Karl Brendel Critical service state detection in large-scale distributed networks from logs
  Tashin Talbot Synthetic data generation methods for the RKI Datenspende App
  Alexander Schulz Machine Learning Methods for Groundwater Level Prediction
  Fotoun Suliman Web Applikation zur Prognose Energieverbrauchs öffentlicher Gebäude
  Daniel Kurta A Machine Learning Based Approach for Groundwater Level Prediction
  Saha Saurav Kumar Recognition and pseudonymization of personally identifying information in user generated content
  Benjamin Habicht Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection in Multivariate Time Series Data
2021 Jonas Bauer Machine Learning in der Analyse öffentlicher Diskurse am Beispiel der Covid-19-Krise, Active-Learning-Strategien im Vergleich
  Viktor Treu Comparing human explanations and AI explanations - A Turing Test for Transparaency
  Christoph Geis-Schroer Predictive Maintenance for Forklift Trucks
  Oguzhan Uyar Predicting Formula One Races - A Pairwise Learning To Rank Approach
  Florian Becker Use of Social-Media Data in an Epidemiological Context (with Robert-Koch Institute)
  Mahan Gasghaie A recommender system for car configurations
  Bhaskar Kamble Data driven solutions for reducing cooling costs in buildings
  Rupali Sharma A Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Data Cleaning
  Georg Lukas Baumgärtner Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Computer-Aided Diagnostics of Medical Imaging Data (with Charité Berlin)
  Pallavi Mitra Minimization of Computational Energy Consumption of Machine Learning Workloads using Constrained Bayesian Optimization
  Teodor-Constantin Chiaburu Hierarchical Classification of Insect Species Using Wingbeat Signals
2020 Arndt Allhorn Transfer Learning for Hate Speech Detection
  Arthur Gogohia Deep Learning for Data Type Agnostic Imputation in Heterogeneous Tables
  Parvin Shakibaei Data-Driven Anomaly Detection From Residential Smart Meter Data
  Alexander Jaenisch Forecasting of Ticket Sales in the Education and Entertainment Sector
2019 Jannis Alexander Busch Advanced Natural Language Processing for Expert Recommender Systems
  Dionysius Irza Refiano A Quantitative Evaluation of Computer Vision Algorithm Explanations
  Ervin Madaha Machine Learning for Database Optimisation
  Benjamin Heine Maschinelles Lernen zur Einbruchsdetektion auf Audiodaten
  Philipp Jung Robust Machine-Learning Approaches for Efficient Functional Dependency Approximation
  Malte Klüver Evaluating the Accuracy of Variational Bayes in Survival Analysis
  Ana Maria Sandoval Jimenez Unit Testing Datasets for Safe Database Migration
  Sabrina Steinert Machine Learning Interpretability Methods for Unbiased Expert Recommender Systems
  Shuaib Yunus Learning to Rank Places