Data Science & Software Engineering

✦ Head of Data Science Master and founding member of the Data Science Lab (Twitter).
✦ Author of 12 IT books & the worlds first NoSQL books.
✦ Organized many conferences on NoSQL / Distributed Systems / Big Data and Clojure
✦ Former member of the National German Competence Center BBDC for Big Data.

Contact / Kontakt

Contact: sedlich #at# [work]
  edlich #at# [private]
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  • Check out this years hottest conference WOMEN+ IN DATA AND AI by Dr. Larysa Visengeriyeva!
  • 2023: Again 8th time TOP 25 Teacher of the year of over 400 lecturers!
  • I converted the worlds best health book in to an App!
  • My three LinkedIn Learning Courses on Software Engineering are now published! Check them out! 1 2 3
  • Again for the 7th time HFV Top 25 Teacherof the year (of over 400 lecturers)!
  • Proud to be an ISAQB Academic Partner

TIMELINE 2018/19

  • Closing this year with an exciting experience as a LinkedIn Learning Trainer.
  • Member of Stifterverband for Data Literacy Research Proposals
  • Speaking on BlockConnect 6.Nov. Heise Events / XING Events
  • Speaking at DIHK (Deutsche Industrie und Handeskammer) about Blockchain
  • Became a member of the Fachbereichstag Mathematik in Germany.
  • Sabbatical this summer 2019!
  • Working in the GI Group to recommend the Data Science Curriculum for Germany.
  • Working on a new DFG research project on DDR literature.
  • The BLOCKCHAIN Project website is published!


  • Speaking in a Panel with AVM, Würth, VDI and The Next Big Thing AG Estrel 1,2
  • again under the top 25 lecturers (out of 374) of the VFH!
  • PABlo Blockchain was present on the Future Mobility Summit represented by Prof. Dr. Heike Hölzner.
  • German Masters in Chess (Family rating) place 34.
  • Starting 2018 with a new Blockchain Research Project Grant

Timeline 2017

  • 2nd price for the Master Blockchain Thesis by Björn Lakeberg at FBTI in Germany
  • Last Big Data Beers at WeWork with DevOps, Spark / Knime and GDPR / Hadoop
  • Lead Big Data Meetup at SAP with over 200 visitors. Topics: Emma, Spark, Kafka Streams
  • For the 6th time: Top 25 VFH Teacher (of 357 lecturers)
  • Applications for our Data Science Master is now open.
  • New Video of the Beuth Data Science Master from the DS Homepage
  • Neues Beuth Magazin mit Data Science an der Beuth als Titelthema (pdf)
  • Giving a guest lecture at Hochschule Ludwigshafen on Big Data
  • Member of the extended board of GOTO Berlin 2017
  • Accepted Paper on BTW 2017
  • Head of Laboratory Online Learning since April link
  • PC and Organization Member of Germans biggest Clojure Conference again.


  • PC Member of the BTW Workshop Big Data Management Systems in Business and Industrial Applications at BTW 2017
  • Big Data Meetup am 28.9. über Multimodel Databases, Data Science Challenge und Anomalie Detection
  • Finished yet another Triathlon [video]
  • Our Big Data activities at Beuth are honoured by BITKOM / Sigmar Gabriel in this report: Germany - Excellence in Big Data
  • Master thesis leading to the worlds top messaging web frameworConnectanum.
  • Giving the Keynote at ScAaDS Summer School on Big Data
  • Giving a guest lecture at HPI
  • Started Blockchain 2.0 / 3.0 Research (rewarded Master Thesis here)
  • Elected to be the head of the Education Commission for Data Science at BeuthHS
  • Organized Big Data Event with BigChainDB and CortexDB
  • For the 5th time: Top 25 VFH Teacher (of 235 lecturers)
  • Working for a better digitalization at our university here (video in german)
  • Running the largest Clojure Conference in Germany 20th Feb
  • Received an official FIDE Rating
  • Gave a talk at Humboldt Gesellschaft Süd-West
  • Big Data Meetup#18 with Lisa Green & Stephen Merity from
  • Track Host of the NoSQL / Big Data Track and Co-Host of the Language Track at GOTO Berlin 2014!
  • Big Data Meetup #17 with Aerospike and Apache Flink (Hackathon)
  • My Craft Talk (April 2014) is on InfoQ.
  • Big Data Meetup #16 with Zalando and Alex Dean (Snowplow)
  • Big Data Meetup #15 with Dr. Michael Hausenblas on "Lambda Architecture with Spark"
  • Announcing a Clojure Conference :clojureD in Jan 2015!
  • Back in Triathlon (Photos available :-)
  • Played a decent 4/9 at the Chess "Politikerturnier" (average ELO 2000)
  • Big Data Meetup #14 with Ted Dunning and Sebastian Schelter in May on fast Machine Learning at hub:raum
  • Running a > 100 Big Data Meetup in April: Machine Learning on Streams
  • PC Member of GOTO Berlin 2014 & NoSQL Matters
  • Speaking at Craft Conference Budapest in April
  • BBDC Berlin Big Data Center officially announced! [1][2]
  • Clarango mentioned on DZone
  • DB-Spektrum reviewer
  • Run a Recommendation / Impala Meetup.
  • Hacking a Clojure driver for ArangoDB called Clarango
  • Awarded Teacher of the Year 2013 / 2015 top 25 out of 253 teachers at VFH.
  • Organizing NoSQL Matters Conference 2013 Barcelona in Nov.
  • Part of the EUROCLOJURE 2013 Berlin Organization Team.
  • Organizing and PC Member of GOTO Berlin 2013 Conference.
  • Mentioned on CIO Magazing on Realtime Analytics.
  • Played against IM Rasmus Svane (6th DM Germany) link
  • Invited NoSQL talk at Ohm University Nürnberg in June
  • Keynote at NoSQL Roadshow Berlin and Copenhagen
  • Leading a podium discussion with Martin Fowler, Simon Willnauer, Martin Schönert, Tugual Grall, Lars George and Pavlo Baron.
  • Giving a talk at NoSQL Matters "NoSQL in 5+ years"
  • Organizing NoSQL Matters Conference 2013 Cologne in April 26./27.
  • Keynote at NoSQL Roadshow Munich 16th April
  • Giving a Clojure Lecture at Beuth University (Spring Semester)
  • Keynote at Frankfurter Datenbanktage (Database Days Frankfurt) in March (German Linux Mag announcement)
  • Having a podium discussion on CeBit organized by Microsoft + Telecom
  • Giving a talk on Clojure at the Big Data Meetup Berlin #3 (13th Feb foto
  • Hosted the Clojure Conspiracy Berlin Meetup (Feb)
  • Finished an interview with Jonathan Ellis (Cassandra) for Software Developers Journal
  • Won the title "Teacher of the Year 2012" (3rd Place) in the VFH. 564 students voted for 315 teachers in 10 Universities of app. sc. Video (in German) as a result of the work in the Inno-Lab.
  • Joining the big MOMO Project 
  • Giving an invited talk at Humboldt Univ. about NoSQL (Nov)
  • The second edition of the worlds first NoSQL Book is out!!
  • Giving an invited talk at HPI (MongoDB) in July
  • Giving a talk at SEACON June (NoSQL)
  • Giving a NoSQL & NewSQL Talk at Betahaus in May
  • Speaking about NoSQL at Schloss Steinhöfel in May
  • Speaking at LINUX-Days Berlin (NoSQL)
  • Speaking about NoSQL talk at Big Tech Day April
  • Giving a NoSQL Talk at ODSC 2011 in April.
  • Speaking at in 23.Feb 2011 (NoSQL)
  • Member of the Jury Board "Initiative Mittelstand 2011".
  • Giving a NoSQL Talk at OOP 2011 in January.
  • ICOODB is now completely listed on DBLP!
  • ICOODB 2010 was in Frankfurt 28.-30. September @ Goethe Uni. More information here: and on [pdf]. Material can be found here.
  • ICOODB 2010 will have a NOSQL Workshop on 28th Sept [pdf] organized by me.
  • Tutorial, Workshop and Demo Chair on ICOODB 2010.
  • Leading Session 8 of the ICOODB 09 Research Day
  • I am organizing the Industrial Day at ETH Zürich for ICOODB 2009.
  • YouTube Video+Slides from ICOODB 2008 initiated & organized by me and James Paterson.



  • Giving a Java User Group Talk on 7.12. about NoSQL. Currently over 110+30 visitors. Short Video here.
  • Technical Editor (NoSQL) for Wiley & Wrox since 08/10.
  • Will give a ligthning talk at the MongoDB event in Berlin.
  • Receiving the dVP db4o award for the fourth time (2006, 2008, 2009, 2010)
  • Interviewed Hypertable CEO Doug Judd for database pro.
  • Managing the NoSQL Powerday at Prio Conference in Nürnberg (20th Oct): Programm
  • Being interviewed by the British company Prospectus about NoSQL.
  • Our Software Engineering Blog been taken into the Top #50 Engineering Blogs.
  • Featuring NoSQL Conference by Isabel, Jan and Simon via Database Pro. And visiting it f'sure.
  • Giving an invited talk at LMU (Ludwig-Maximilian University München) about NoSQL in may.
  • Wrote an Article about "the Future of Databases", DOTNETPRO
  • Interviewed GigaSpaces CTO Nati Shalom for Database Pro (Nr.2)
  • NoSQL Contributions to IEEE Computing, "Will NoSQL Databases Live Up to Their Promise?", page 13-15 (Neal Levitt) pdf
  • New monthly NoSQL column in DATABASE Pro Mag 1,2,
  • Giving a "NOSQL Database" talk in Berlin 18.11. @ Beuth HS.
  • Launched a NoSql-Portal that jumped #2 in Google.
  • Gave a talk on the NOSQL Event in Berlin (22.10. incl. Videos) [123].
  • Interview from DATABASE PRO about Cloud Computing.
  • I interviewed Prof. Dr. Markl about Business Intelligence (TU-Berlin) [12]
  • DZone article published (10:0 votes).
  • Assembeled the the cloud session 3 on DATACON.
  • Member of the DATACON 2009 Advisory Board. See the Program  PDF.
  • I published the Dzone Reference Card Nr.53 about db4o.
  • 2008 interviewed me about the impedance mismatch [pdf].
  • 2008 Program Committee of the Electronic Imaging Conference EI122 USA / CA.
  • 2008 I was invited to contribute Booktips at Lehmanns VIP tips.
  • 2007 Constantly contributing to this Software Engineering Blog.
  • 2006 Two times dVP award by db4objects Inc.
  • 2006 OCG Persistence Event with Jürgen Höller (Spring Source), Werner Guttmann (Castor) and me: Photo1Photo2.
  • 2006 Talk at ETH Zürich for the JUGS (Java User Group Switzerland) hosted by Prof. Dr. Moria Norrie: Photo1.
  • 2004/05 Changed from HS BRB to HS Beuth of Technology Berlin