Lab for "Autonomous Surgery"



During the summer semester 2021 we created a specialized lab so that we can perform research in an interdisciplinary manner on the big challenge of “Autonomous Surgery”. What is this about?

We need to answer the very important questions: Which surgical steps can a robot perform autonomously in a safe manner? How can a robot assist a surgeon taking the burden of either easy repeating steps or very complex and precise steps? ... in order to answer these questions and, for sure, more, we need to ask ourselves many technical questions and provide an answer to them: These questions arise very day as we work on this challenge in la Lab!

The test bench is equipped with two modern robot arms, for which we wrote the code in Python to control them. During our daily work, we create lots of code that will be integrated in different libraries so that at the end, we can demonstrate the achieved dexterity. We currently work on stitching a wound in a skin model.

As already said, the work is very interdisciplinary as well as the encountered problems. What you can expect in this lab, if you join the team is:
·       Control Theory
·       Digital Signal and Image Processing / Pattern Recognition
·       Robotics
·       Artificial Intelligence
·      Sensors / Actuators / Mechatronics

There are plenty of challenges and, if you are looking for topics for your Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis, then you are in the right place to deepen your knowledge and skills while learning a lot working in a large team.

I’ll be happy to have a chat with you if you want to participate in this exciting topic that is both good for people and going to change the world!