Since April 1st 2009 (no joke!) I'm lucky to be professor for microbiology at Berlin University of Applied Sciences (BHT) in the study course of biotechnology. Together with our microbiology lab team ( I'm happy to teach students for biotechnology bachelor as well as for biotechnology master in microbiology as well as in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) aspect or regulations in the field of biological substances.

Starting with April 2018 until March 2022, I did act as Dean of Dept. V (Life Sciences and Technology), together with my colleague Prof. Dr. Stephan Hühn-Lindenbein as Vice Dean unteil 31 March 2022. The four years before (01 Apr 2014 - 31 March 2018), I was elected as Vice Dean of Dept. V (Life Sciences and Technology), as such I was part of the Faculty Council and member of the Academic Senate.

Still today, I am member of our Faculty Council.

One of my general goals as university teacher is it to open the perspective for our students towards companies, R&D and a scientific career. This is based on my academic background on extremophiles & their potential for industrial applications, my 8 years career in the pharmaceutical industry (Schering AG, Bayer AG) as laboratory head in a quality control lab and as member of the German microbiologist community (VAAM:, heading a special group on "Quality Assurance and Diagnostics").

Thus, I´m happy to offer this field for young students.

And I'm happy to stay in contact with some of our Alumni, collected at LinkedIn under "Beuth Biotechnology" (

I´m also adddicted to #teaching and agile interaction with students as well as colleagues and cooperation partners. As a fellow of Lehre-hoch-n in 2017/18 I had the privilege to learn verious aspects of teaching in a great network of engaged people. Still today, I support activities of the new Stiftung Innovation in der Lehre as a reviewer, which was founded by the Toepfer Stiftung.

As a source of contemplation I like our garden for relaxation and to ground oneself after work.

In addition, I #bike2work most of the time, as a member of #ADFC ( I also support bike commuting, e.g. by joining #mdrza (

In this context we had an initiative #bike2beuth (, initiated and organized together with Kirsten Engelhardt (University Sports) and Claudia Strohschein (Public Relations). After a good success in 2017, we started over in 2018 and 2019 again.