Here I have listed most of the research activities and cooperations.

  • DAAD Fact Finding Mission with Sénégal; Apr 2015 – June 2015, contact still established; The aim of this "Fact Finding Mission" with colleagues in Dakar/Sénégal was to elaborate potential fields of cooperation. This included topics in biotechnology, food sciences, environmental sciences and geoinformation. Further fields will be opened on renewable energy including biogas. After a meeting in April in Dakar a further meeting did take place in Berlin in mid June. Meanwhile some research stays of Dr. Awa Ba at Robert Koch Institut in 2017 and 2019 were mediated. The Head of Université Virtuelle du Sénégal Dr. Diallo was in Berlin Juli 2019 to seek cooperation with Beuth University (Prof. Dr. Felix Gers, myself) as well as Virtuelle Fachhochschule. Due to pandemic further meeting were postponed.
  • Biogas-Marker, Apr 2013 – Aug 2016; In a BMBF-funded cooperation project called "Biogas-Marker" within the BCN-network ( with partners from ATB Potsdam-Bornim (project leader Dr. Michael Klocke), LfL in Weihenstephan, TU Munich and Cebitec in Bielefeld we have the common task to establish biological markers for the biogas production process, based on qPCR assays. In my group, we establish qPCR assays for pathogenic microorganisms that could be relevant for the whole production chain. Final report available at (Heft 94)
  • Research Assistance Project, Apr 2014 – Sep 2015; For the duration of 1.5 years in a ESF-funded project, two so called "research assistances" worked in my group. They did prepare a project topic on Bacillus which we plan to establish as a larger cooperation project. Therefor, they did elaborate Bacillus genetics and marker regions based on PCR.
  • Game Based Learning in the Virtual Microbiology Lab, Apr 2012 – Sep 2013; Here, an internal Beuth University cooperation, funded by "Stiftung Wissenschaft" was successful in implementing a microbiological assay as a game instead of a written protocol. We (Prof. Dr. Felix Gers with Villa Hirschberg and my lab) were able to install the game as a tool to train the calcium determination of two different milk precipitations. Felix did present the outcomes during some conferences and publications are available (
  • Bacillus PCR, Apr 2011 – Mar 2013; Aim of the project was to establish a real-time PCR based assay for the identification of Bacillus species that are relevant for hygiene monitoring in (bio)pharmaceutical industry. This project was conducted in cooperation with HTW and BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH.

In addition to these information, please also take into account the collection of activities summarized under or at