Prof. Dr. Schindler is heading the Distance Learning Institute at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin. The Distance Learning Institute is offering six postgraduate master study programmes, two bcooperative bachelor-programmes and 12 professional training programmes. His major fields of interest are environmental management, resource and energy efficiency, process engineering as well as international project management.


Prof. Schindler holds a PhD in environmental engineering; an engineering degree in biotechnology and is a business administration graduate of the Business and Administration Academy in Coblenz. Furthermore he is an international consultant and accredited auditor according DIN ISO 14001 (TÜV Süd), Energy Manager according DIN EN ISO 50001, member of the DIN "Energy Efficiency in Buildings" Standard (EnEV) editorial board and multiplicator in the field of workers safety and health (IAG-Institute for work and safety) and last but not least a trained online tutor on the Global Campus 21 (German International Cooperation Agency -GIZ) and in moodle.


Prof. Dr. Schindler has been an international consultant for the German International Cooperation agency (GIZ) working more than 10 years in Asia and South America. As an international expert he was leading environmental and resource efficiency projects. Within these projects he promoted the Centre for Environmental Studies (CES) at the largest Technical University in India and implemented integrated management systems in 5 countries of South America (MERCOSUR). As an international project manager he evaluated a number of international projects such as the hazardous waste management project (Bangalore), Indo-German Environmental programme (New Delhi), the Chemical Health and Safety Convention project (Bonn), the Green economy project (Jakarta) and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency prgramme in Central America (Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala) and Pakistan. As professional trainer he offered environment, project and/or knowledge management related seminars in Asunción, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Islamabad, Montevideo, New Delhi, Puerto Madryn, Rio Grande do Sul, Santiago de Chile, Tiblisi, Tirupur and Ushuia. Furthermore he is trained in "Capacity Works" (GIZ) and is an online trainer as well as tele-tutor having established a modern knowledge management platform for an international trainer network using modern information and communication technologies.