Since the third quarter of the year 2018 I am very pleased to be head of the Laboratory for Film and Television in the department of Computer Science and Media.

The laboratory is mainly responsible for the education of film students in the study course 'Screen Based Media' but also for media oriented courses in the study courses 'Media Informatics Bachelor' & 'Media Informatics Master' like 'Media Production & Distribution' or 'Real-Time Media Systems'.

Currently, we are completely renewing the technical equipment of the laboratory. This process will continue until next year.

In the scope of the important activities related to the Digitalisation Strategy at our university, I am responsible for several projects, which are using current and future video technologies.


beuthBOX - the WebTV Platform

For some years I have been the project leader and founder of our own university WebTV platform called 'beuthBOX'.

'beuthBOX' provides insights in some interesting activities at our university through the use of video. Currently we are migrating the platform to new hardware and software environment, hence there is only a small part of video content provided through the platform.


Studio for Learning Film and Interview Production

I am responsible for setting-up a multifunctional video studio in order to produce in an very efficiently way innovative learning films as well as short interviews with interesting people to give insights into their projects. I hope we can start with the studio during the summer term 2020...


Lecture Recording Service

I am also responsible for the first implementation of the project 'Lecture Recording' from the video technology site. A colleague of mine and a student team are developing a software connection between the lecture recording systems in the classroom and our university video server structure. The aim is like already at other universities to provide for the lecturer as easy as possible recording system for their lectures.

There are more projects and activities which I try to present through: