Robert Strzebkowski studied with a focus on media production, media didactics and interactive media systems at the Technical University Berlin, Germany. In the scope of his master thesis between 90/91 he has produced two interactive learning videos for the IBM training center in Germany - at this time still a bit a pioneer work. Robert worked for several years in the 90s as research assistant at the Free University Berlin in the area of E-Learning/Instructional Design, Hypermedia, Media Production and Human-Computer Interaction. He has experienced the development of interactive media systems from the 'first days' - from Hypercard and Video Disc until Mixed Reality with HoloLens, Unity etc. today...

In the time between the end of the 90s and the beginning of the new century he has written a doctorate thesis at the Free University Berlin with the focus on multimedia didactic, especially meaningful multimedia presentation and interaction techniques for self-regulated learning with E-Learning applications for young apprentices in vocational training. For several years he has worked as researcher and project manager at a number of complex E-Learning and interactive multimedia information/edutainment projects and evaluation studies. Furthermore in this time he has produced a number of industry information and presentation videos with intensive use of computer animation.

Since 2002, he has been working as professor at the Beuth University of Technology Berlin (former Technical Unversity of Applied Sciences) in the field of conception, usability, interaction design and production of linear media and interactive media applications based on a wide range of media technologies.

For several years he has been actively involved in the area of interactive streaming media and interactive television. 2007 he was co-inventor of the German Innovation Forum 'Internet-based Television', 2008 he was co-founder of the 'German IPTV Association'.

Robert is the creator and head of the university's own WebTV platform 'the beuthBOX' and has being responsible for years for a number of live and offline video productions, inhouse as wel as external contracts - some of them are placed on the WebTV platform. He is currently working on different video-based solutions for supporting modern learning infrastructure at the university in the scope the university-wide project 'the Digitalisation Strategy'.

For the last four years, he has been strong focusing on Conception, Interaction Design and Development of Augmented / Mixed Reality / (XR). In this area he has been carried out a number of projects with partners from public broadcastind and industrie like ZDF, SAP, SIEMENS.

Robert has continuously been cooperating with a number of renowned companies like ARD/RBB, ZDF, NOKIA, SAP, SIEMENS, Fraunhofer Fokus/HHI and many others mainly in the scope of several research and innovation development projects.

Between 2005 and 2017 - for 13 years - he has shown each year results from his research, cooperation and students' projects at the worldwide biggest international consumer electronics exhibition IFA Berlin. Here he has worked for almost 10 yeras in the conception board for the area of innovation, science and future oriented developments for this remarkable exhibition, the 'IFA NEXT'.

Robert has taken end of 2018 the management over the Laboratory for Film and Television Production. The laboratory is providing the services mainly for the study course 'Screen Based Media', in which students become 'Creative Producers' especially for production of documentary films but also for fictional content.

Robert is working currently on the one hand on the complex technical update of the laboratory infrastructure for future oriented interactive and immersive media formats. On the other hand he is deeply involved in the modifikation concept of the course Screen Based Media, which should got a second curriculum lane with the focus on online, interactive and immersive media, like e.g. interactive and immersive documentary, interactive and immersive storytelling, etc...

His last and current research/development projects deal with creating and evaluating of interactive media and learning applications to support a better understanding of provided information/content as well as to more effective visualize implicit knowledge. This is mostly for informal learning purposes, often in the form of edutainment/infotainment media. Additonally, he is working on conception and evaluation of Interaction, Navigation and Multimedia Content Presentation Techniques of XR Applications.