'Master Project' is a special unit for the implementation of more complex projects inside of the graduate study course 'Master Media Informatics'. Students earn 15 credits for the quite time consuming unit.

Due to the large amount of obtainable credits, the students are given a good amount of time to develop really interesting interactive media and also software projects.

One of the basic criterion for the projects is the cooperation with an external partner / company, let's say 'on behalf' of the partner. External partners from industry and commerce provide very interesting tasks and requirements. Students love to solve such 'real life' problems and to work with professionals.

Until now I have carried out a number of exciting projects with companies and public organisations like the following: ARD/ZDF/RBB (public broadcasters in Germany), NOKIA, SAP, SIEMENS, etc...

'My' projects deal with interactive media and augemented or immersive reality solutions.

Some of the recent projects are listed below with an exemplary screen shot: