Project Period: 01.10.2014 - 30.09.2016

IFAF - Institut für angewandte Forschung Berlin e.V.

Project Leader:
Prof. Dr. Boris Resnik (Beuth University)

Subproject Manager:
Prof. Dr. Dirk Werner (HTW Berlin)

Partner (Research):
Prof. Dr. Tilman W. Schlenzka (Beuth University)
Prof. Dr. Alexander Taffe (HTW Berlin)

Partner (Industry):
Gesellschaft für Informations-Management mbH
Ingenieurbüro Dipl.-Ing. Nando Preß
NOTUS energy GmbH & Co. KG.

Project Description:
Dangerous defects in the concrete bases of wind turbines are known to be caused not only by external factors, such as temperature changes or fatigue of construction materials over the time, but often particularly by constructional defects or design failure. The valid standards and guidelines suggest specific measurement methods and descriptions and evaluations of existing cracks in the concrete base. In recent years, the research results of the participating universities pointed out the possibilities and limits of the applied methods.

The goal of this cooperative research project is to pool the existing expertise of the project partners and to develop a new concept for an early identification of security-relevant defects within the fastening between tower and concrete base, in the form of a Condition-Monitoring-System (CMS). To apply existing techniques of a rapid alert system, specific algorithms have to be developed. Based on continuous measurements, these will allow a reliable and stable identification of significant deviations from the structure’s “normal behavior”. Extensive test measurements on selected structures with the newly developed methods, as well as classic, nondestructive testing, are planned to verify the possibilities of the developed methods and algorithms.

Prof. Dr. Boris Resnik: Tel.: (030) 4504-2596; resnik(at)
Prof. Dr. Dirk Werner: Tel.: (030) 5019-3307; Dirk.Werner(at)

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