2013 (before September 2013) 

  • 3/2013 Interview: Deutschlandradio “Das Geschäft mit den Datenbergen: Big Data boomt in der IT Branche”.


  • 6/2012 Paper accepted: Pricing Strategies for Data Marketplaces.  A. Muschalle, F. Stahl (Uni Münster), A. Löser and Gottfried Vossen (Uni Münster). .  BIRTE Workshop, VLDB 2012
  • 4/2012 Paper accepted: “Fact-Aware Document Retrieval for Information Extraction”. C. Boden, A. Löser, C. Nagel, and S. Pieper. Datenbankspektrum 20123/2012 DEMO: Quote Miner: “Citations in German news papers”, a project of the GoOLAP Team 2012 


  • 06/2011 Proposal for EU FP7 Call accepted: “DOPA – Data Supply Chains“
  • 5/2011 Paper accepted: “FactCrawl: A Fact Retrieval Framework for Full-Text Indices”. C. Boden, A. Löser, C. Nagel, and S. Pieper. WebDB 2011
  • 3/2011 Paper acceptedSelf-Supervised Web Search for Any-k Complete Tuples. A.Löser, C. Nagel, S. Pieper, C. Boden, EDBT Workshops 2011
  • 3/2011 Proposal of BMWi Call “Trusted Cloud” accepted: “MIA – ein Cloud-basierter Marktplatz für Informationen und Analysen”. Presentation at Cebit 2011
  • 3/2011 Paper accepted: “Classification Algorithms for Web Text Filtering”. C.Boden, T. Haefele, A.Löser. Dali Workshop, ICDE 2011
  • 2/2011 Tutorial: BTW 2011 Tutorial “Information Management in the Cloud” 


  • 9/2010 FP7 Proposal (IP) accepted: “SCAPE – Scalable Preservation Environments”
  • 3/2010 Panel with Peter Schaar (Federal Commissioner for Freedom of Information aka “Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragter”) on aggregating Textual Data in the World Wide Web (see Heise News Ticker)
  • 3/2010 Keynote: “Web 2.0 Business Analytics: Qualität durch Datenmenge?“ Informatiktage (GI), Bonn 2010 (Invited talk)
  • 1/2011 FP7 Proposal (IP) accepted: “ROBUST-Risk and Opportunity management of huge-scale BUSiness communiTy cooperation” 


  • 6/2009 Book Chapter accepted: “Handbook of Peer-to-Peer Computing”. Springer 2010
  • 5/2009 Paper accepted: W. Barczynski, F. Brauer, A. Löser, A. Mocan: Algebraic Information Extraction of Enterprise Data: Methodology and Operators. Identity and Reference in Web-based Knowledge Representation (IR-KR 2009), July 2009, Pasadena, USA
  • 3/2009 Presentation: Near Duplicate Detection in Forums presented at “GI-Studierendenwettbewerb/InformatikTage 2009” by Klemens Muthmann
  • 3/2009 Presentation: GOOLAP Project presented at “GI-Studierendenwettbewerb/InformatikTage 2009” by Ralf Heyde and Steffen Lutter