Digitalisation in the healthcare sector requires innovative projects to optimize obsolete work processes. The Medical Allround Care Service Solutions (MACSS) prototypically provides a novel smart health service platform for the integrated care of chronically ill patients, enabling bidirectional communication between healthcare professionals. There is a continuous documentation of vital data with real-time transmission to the experts of the Charité in Berlin. As a result, a deterioration in the findings can be detected early, responded to, and thus a stay in hospital can be avoided.

The Digital All-Round Care Ecosystem Project (DACE) is developing a prototypical cross-sector web-based communication and interaction platform with the goal of high quality networking. Telemedicine visits, teleconferences, telepathologies etc. can be carried out via the platform and expert knowledge can be transferred to structurally weak regions and also abroad. These projects are to be further developed and pool resources over the long term, reduce healthcare costs and increase the quality of life and care of the chronically ill.

Book Chapter in:  Neuartige Kommunikationswege und Strukturen zur Optimierung der häuslichen Versorgung am Beispiel von nierentransplantierten Patienten. Wiebke Düttmann-Rehnolt, Danilo Schmidt, Fabian Halleck, Oliver Staeck, Roland Roller, Martin Högl, Gero Lurz, Philipp Legge, Thorsten Schaaf, Alexander Löser, Klemens Budde: Digitale Transformation von Dienstleistungen im Gesundheitswesen VI, Impulse für die Forschung. Herausgeber: Prof. Dr. Mario A. Pfannstiel, Prof. Dr. Patrick Da-Cruz, Prof. Dr. Harald Mehlich. Verlag: Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden. Print ISBN: 978-3-658-25460-5. Electronic ISBN: 978-3-658-25461-2


MACSS (Medical Care Allround-Service Solutions) comprises the prototype of a new patient-centered smart electronic healthcare service platform. It aims to achieve better patient safety and to interlink clinical researchers, health insurance companies, patient organizations and healthcare service providers in order to improve both, the physician-to-patient and the physician-to-physician communication. For the first time, cyber-physical systems will systematically transfer patient data via a mobile bidirectional application on the smartphone within the clinical routine treatment of the patient. Patient data from other medical services and hospital systems will be integrated and combined within the mobile application on the MACSS platform. MACSS aggregates, analyzes and recombines medical data for different information services by using innovative technologies such as advanced memory databases. A major goal of this innovative personalized real-time therapy is to improve healthcare, adherence and drug safety of the patient. In order to protect highly sensitive medical patient data, a prototypical security and authorization concept has already been established. Finally, cooperation between different partners will provide new healthcare concepts. Besides improved patient healthcare, this project bares the potential for relevant cost savings in the health care system.


In: Dialyse Aktuell 2016; 20(06): 285 - 290. DOI: 10.1055/s-0042-110150. Halleck, Fabian; Schmidt, Danilo; Staeck, Oliver; Schaaf, Thorsten; Tolxdorff, Thomas; Löser, Alexander; Yu Xu, Fei; Uszkoreit, Hans; Legge, Philipp; Sachs, Kai; Oechsler, Sonja; Budde, Klemens.  Integrated care of renal transplant patients – Development of an electronic health care service platform