Aljoscha Marcel Everding is an visiting lecturer (Gastdozent) for database systems at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin since April 2015.

He obtained his degree (Dipl.–Inform. (FH)) in applied computer science at University of Applied Sciences Südwestfalen, Campus Iserlohn.

After several years working as a freelancing software developer (especially for web-applications with Ruby on Rails and mobile applications) he went back to university to get a masters degree in Industrial Environmental Informatics (see

Aljoscha works at a research project about cetacean sightings off the coast of La Gomera which is also the topic of his master thesis. Before teaching at Beuth University of Applied Science Berlin, he was a lecturer at BA Hannover and gave vocational trainings in high schools in Lower Saxonia.

In his rare free time Aljoscha is a passionate long-distance and trail runner and enjoys hiking in nature.

Learn more about Aljoscha at [Linkedin] or  [Xing].