Peer Reviewed Publications

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Selected Publications

  • Paul Grundmann, Tom Oberhauser, Felix Gers, Alexander Löser: Attention Networks for Augmenting Clinical Text with Support Sets for Diagnosis Prediction. COLING 2022
  • Benjamin Winter, Alexei Figueroa, Amy Siu, Felix Gers, Alexander Löser: KIMERA: Injecting Domain Knowledge into Vacant Transformer Heads. LREC 2022
  • Jens-Michalis Papaioannou, Paul Grundmann, Betty van Aken, Athanasios Samaras Ilias Kyparissidis, George Giannakoulas, Felix Gers, Alexander Löser: Cross-Lingual Knowledge Transfer for Clinical Phenotyping. LREC 2022
  • Betty van Aken, Jens-Michalis Papaioannou, Manuel Mayrdorfer, Klemens Budde, Felix Gers, Alexander Löser: Clinical Outcome Prediction from Admission Notes using Self-Supervised Knowledge Integration. EACL 2021
  • Jens-Michalis Papaioannou, Manuel Mayrdorfer, Sebastian Arnold, Felix A. Gers, Klemens Budde and Alexander Löser: Aspect-based Passage Retrieval with Contextualized Discourse Vectors. ECIR 2021
  • Betty van Aken, Benjamin Winter, Felix Gers, Alexander Löser: VisBERT: Hidden-State Visualizations for Transformers. ACM The Web Conference 2020
  • Rudolf Schneider, Tom Oberhauser, Paul Grundmann, Felix Gers, Alexander Löser, Steffen Staab: Is Language Modeling Enough? Evaluating Effective Embedding Combinations. LREC 2020
  • Konstantina Lazaridou, Maria Rosario Mestre, Alexander Löser, Felix Naumann: Discovering Biased News Articles Leveraging Multiple Human Annotations" is on news media bias detection with crowd-sourcing and curriculum learning. LREC 2020
  • Sebastian Arnold, Betty van Aken, Paul Grundmann, Felix A. Gers, Alexander Löser: Learning Contexualized Document Representations for Heathcare Answer Retrieval. ACM WWW 2020
  • Betty van Aken, Bejamin Winter, Felix Gers, Alexander Löser: How Does BERT Answer Questions? A Layer-Wise Analysis of Transformer Representations. ACMCIKM 2019.
  • Torsten Kilias, Alexander Löser, Felix A. Gers, Ying Zhang, Richard Koopmanschap, Martin L. Kersten: IDEL: In-Database Neural Entity Linking. IEEE BigComp 2019: 1-8 (Best Paper Award)
  • Sebastian Arnold, Rudolf Schneider, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, Felix A. Gers, Alexander Löser:
    SECTOR: A Neural Model for Coherent Topic Segmentation and Classification. TACL 7/2019
  • Rudolf Schneider, Sebastian Arnold, Tom Oberhauser, Tobias Klatt, Thomas Steffek, Alexander Löser:
    Smart-MD: Neural Paragraph Retrieval of Medical Topics. ACM WWW 2018
  • Rudolf Schneider, Tom Oberhauser, Tobias Klatt, Felix A. Gers, Alexander Löser:
    RelVis: Benchmarking OpenIE Systems. International Semantic Web Conference 2017
  • Sebastian Arnold, Robert Dziuba, Alexander Löser:TASTY: Interactive Entity Linking As-You-Type. COLING 2016
  • Rudolf Schneider, Cordula Guder, Torsten Kilias, Alexander Löser, Jens Graupmann, Oleksandr Kozachuk: Interactive Relation Extraction in Main Memory Database Systems. COLING (Demos) 2016: 103-106
  • Torsten Kilias, Alexander Löser, Periklis Andritsos: INDREX: In-database relation extraction. Inf. Syst. 53: 124-144 (2015)

Granted Patents

    (US 8229883 B2)
  • Alexander Löser, Wojtiech Barzcyinski, Falk Brauer: Systems and methods for modular information extraction.
    (US 7987416 B2)
  • Alexander Löser, Sriram Raghavan, Shivakumar Vaithyanathan: Method and system for automatically generating regular expressions for relaxed matching of text patterns.
    (US­ 8484238­ B2)

Under Submission

  • Huiyu Zhu, Alexander Löser, Sriram Raghavan and Shiv. Vaithyanathan: Searching navigational pages in an intranet.