BEEZ Data group foto
BEEZ Data founders Rudolf Schmidt, Dr. Peter Plötner and Elisa Monela.

BEEZ Data develops a platform to support the whole process around funding for nonprofits. The platform allows to standardize and automate the search of and application for funding by clubs and other nonprofits. Further, it enables the simple evaluation of funding applications and the tracking of funded projects for foundations, government agencies, and other funding bodies through dashboards. The BEEZ Data team is made up of Peter Plötner, Rudolf Schmidt, Elisa Molena, Antje Grahl, and Prof. Alexander Löser as mentor.


The numerous possibilities for funding and their individual application processes overwhelm most nonprofits, which need to focus on core competencies with their limited resources. BEEZ Data enables the search of and application for funding in one place. Foundations, government agencies, and other funding bodies face the challenge to select projects with the most impact from numerous applications and subsequently verify the success of those projects. BEEZ Data offers an individualized visual overview of application and project tracking data. Our team is supported through the Berlin Startup Stipendium by the ESF and the Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Energie und Betriebe.


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