The Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin conducts PhD-level training in collaboration with selected Universities.

DATEXIS conducts reseach in systems for text/data mining and designs methods of deep learning with limited access to training data (so called "small data"). See also "What we do".

Typically, as a PhD student with us you are working in a fully funded research project, either funded by a Governmental initiative or funded by a private organization, often a company; see also how PhD. students conduct research in our Graduate School "Data Science+X".  

Graduated PhDs:

  1. Sebastian Arnold [Defense Slides]
  2. Konstantina Lazaridou

Current PhD Students of DATEXIS are

  1. Torsten Kilias
  2. Rudolf Schneider
  3. Betty van Aken
  4. Benjamin Winter
  5. Tom Oberhauser
  6. Jens-Michalis Papaoiannou
  7. Paul Grundmann
  8. Alexei Figueroa